LABOR DAY – Back to Work!

LABOR DAY - Back to Work!

Monday September 3th, CLINT | Littler organizes ‘Labor Day – Back to Work’ at Strandzuid in Amsterdam. A refreshing update about current and upcoming issues with delicious summer drinks and spicy bites.


4.00 p.m. Welcome
4.15 p.m. Hot topics
What’s hot and trending on the European labor market, what’s the deal with gig workers, the Deliveroo case, the self-employed (freelancers, independent contractors, remember them?), and the comeback of the permanent contract?
5.00 p.m Labor relations in the Trump era:
understanding the difference between new policies and old politics.
Cooperation with Littler
5.15 p.m Summer Drinks & Bites


As our client, please be invited to attend the event.       

Interested? Just send an email to before August 24th.