LABOR DAY – Back to Work!

LABOR DAY - Back to work!

You’re invited to the 2nd edition of our Labor Day – Back to Work event on Monday September 2nd. We’re looking forward to welcome you at StrandZuid Amsterdam. Expect a variety of labor law updates and inspiring insights together with refreshing summer drinks and bites.


4.00 p.m. Reception
4.15 p.m. Hot topics
We take you on a journey into the vibrant world of freelancers, via The Balanced Labor Market ACT (or WAB: Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans) all the way to privacy in the work field.
4.45 p.m. Beyond Legal – TOP Employer CEO David Plink will discuss current daily employer issues like: what’s my ethical responsibility towards freelance employers and how to create a work culture where goodbyes aren’t final?
5.15 p.m. Solve this…
Rapid developments in the job market require people to be effective team players and problem solvers who can keep a deadline. These matters will be discussed in an interactive, challenging and humorous session with a special focus on these matters.
6.00 p.m. Summer Drinks & Bites

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